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At Dance Masters of Wisconsin, we are dedicated to advancing the art of dance and nurturing the talents of dancers and educators.

The Roots of DMW.

At Dance Masters of Wisconsin, we take pride in our rich history that stretches back to 1921. Originally known as the Wisconsin Society of Teachers of Dance, our organization has been a driving force in the dance community for over a century.


In 1933, we incorporated as Dancing Masters of Wisconsin and became affiliated with Dance Masters of America. However, the challenges posed by World War II led us to operate independently. In 1994, we were granted non-profit corporation status as Dance Masters of Wisconsin, Inc. (DMW) and received tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.


Throughout our journey, we have remained committed to our mission of promoting dance as an art form, improving teaching quality and methods, and fostering ethical and professional conduct within the dance field. Our roots have provided a strong foundation for the growth and development of DMW, and we continue to build upon that legacy to empower the dance community in Wisconsin and beyond.

Dance History Being Told


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