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2021 Board Members

(Right to Left) Secretary: Alicia DeLaney, President: Shannon Gallagher, Sergeant-at-Arms: Terry Bucaro, Assistant Educational Director:

Heather Kempen, Vice President: Becky Philips, 

Treasurer: Jayme Shimooka, Educational Director: Victoria Warren, 

Dance Masters of Wisconsin, Inc. (DMW) originated in 1921 as the Wisconsin Society of Teachers of Dance. On March 19, 1933, it was incorporated as Dancing Masters of Wisconsin. During this time the Wisconsin group was affiliated with the Dance Masters of America until World War II, when travel was difficult. In 1994 the organization was granted non-profit corporation status as Dance Masters of Wisconsin, Inc. and received tax exempt status as per section 501c(3) under the Internal Revenue Service code.

Dance Masters of Wisconsin Offers:
  • Three annual workshops

  • Oustanding faculty from across the country

  • Scholarship opportunities for members and students of members

  • Network of professional business contacts in your field


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Additional Contact Information

Shannon Gallagher, President

Becky Phillips, Vice President

Victoria Warren, Educational Director

Jayme Shimooka, Treasurer

Alicia DeLaney, Secretary

Terry Bucaro, Sergeant-at-Arms

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